We’re the Nuccitellis

Ciao! Hello! Hi!

From the photo above, I’m Meghan the girl not looking at the camera but looking at that super smiling Emilia-Romanga guy who happens to be my business partner (and adorable husband) Francesco. Freshly married since December 2018 and we are currently building/relocating our Brooklyn restaurant Sociale (both super exciting, one incredibly painful… hint: it’s not the married part.) If you or anyone you know or know someone who knows someone who has attempted to build in our beautiful city of New York can understand what this “pain” means… Pain for the soul and the culo. But hey! This is the life we chose (happily) and sometimes life doesn’t just give you lemons but delivers a whole truck full of lemons when you ordered limes from your supplier. Let’s just say it’s been one heck of a rollercoaster since we began this project at the beginning of the year (2019). We closed our Brooklyn Heights location (72 Henry Street) and are moving to 320 Court street to the neighborhood of Carroll Gardens. So why start a blog now you ask?? Great question! When you’re waiting for NYC building department approval and documents and every paper under the sun.. you find yourself with some extra time on your hands. During this transitional period or what we like to call “staycation”, we’ve had the opportunity to really explore our new neighborhood (oh yes we moved to Carroll Gardens too!) and had the chance to be the ones who go out to dinner on a Saturday night (okay only happened a few times because we love just staying home but we have the freedom to indulge.) 

SO indulge US! And follow us while we eat (and drink), cook, build, learn and discover everything from running a restaurant and living our best life! I’ll be writing. Francesco will be writing. Sometimes we’ll write together! 

Allora, vai! Let’s do this. Benvenuti to the Sociale famiglia! (yes I’m trying to learn Italian… mamma mia…).


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  1. Michele Hauser says:

    Love the YouTube video but can’t wait to see you in person.


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