Sometime you just need…

…a frozen pizza and a proper Caesar salad.

Now: even if I and my wife get generally categorized as foodies -a family we are not sure we belong to, it sounds like being called a Yelper Elite- we are ready to confess that we enjoy a good portion of junk or ready to eat food.

Probably the foodie sticker had been put on our backs because we run and own a restaurant: that definitely doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a good frozen pizza or a Shake Shack or some other treats I am truly too embarrassed to share.

That’s the case of a dinner we decided to put together a couple of weeks ago: “what about frozen pizza and a salad?”.

It may seem simple but when you deal with somebody like me and Meghan even picking a frozen pizza may require a couple of hours of negotiation, think about it: the offering is so wide it feels like scrolling Netflix and not being able to figure out what to watch after 3 hours… My go-to is generally “DiGiorno” (after hours and hours of YouTube videos about the “absolute best frozen pizza” and having tried many of them I can say that’s my favorite)… our good friends at Table87 (pizza joint on Atlantic Ave.) also created a very solid alternative, slightly too gourmety for my needs on that specific night (btw it’s sold at Union Market on Court St.). Amy’s is also good but for that dinner I had to pick the only Pepperoni option that was available at KeyFood (which is the closest food provider from where we live). Yes I just felt the need of pepperoni pizza, and I don’t add separate bought pepperoni to a regular frozen cheese pizza, it just feels wrong. So I chose a Newman. As I said, not my number 1 pick, I’m not even sure why since it’s pretty good, but in my mind just the pretense to be a healthier option is a turn down: I don’t want healthy when I choose frozen. As I don’t need to know about any cauliflower crust.

So here she is:

I know you want it now. Right now.

Feeling already pretty bad about myself and our bad decisions I thought to make my own dressing for the Caesar, we are not big on packaged dressings anyways, that’s true poison, we tend keep ourselves away from them as much as we can (yes Newman, whatever).

I also suggest to make your own croutons which is a very simple procedure (just google it)… actually how simple it is to prep them compared to the reaction of stupor and appreciation it created in Meghan I’d say absolutely go for it !!

The dressing is simple and naughty as it should be: I bought three bunches of fresh crispy romaine lettuce. I recommend you to wash it thoroughly because of the E. Coli bacteria they found here and there on that specific type of lettuce (we went through it once and it wasn’t enjoyable let me tell you). So, ok the dressing… if you use fresh anchovies be careful they tend to be overwhelming, I got a paste and it’s pretty mild, I used 2/3 of a tube. Then 5 egg yolks, 2 tea spoons of mustard, the juice from one big lemon, 3 table spoon of olive oil, 1/2 cup of seeds oil (whichever you prefer, just be careful to add the oil slowly while whisking the rest), and grated Parmigiano…a lot of it.

For the style: you may be a fan of a good old school chopped salad, i…and especially Meg, love the leaves to be whole.

There she is, naughty and disgustingly satisfactory:

That’s all, I may have inspired you to become a slightly worse person than the one you actually are right now, but you know… sometimes a frozen pizza and a Caesar salad is just what you truly want and there’s really no good reason why you should deprive yourself from having it.

Thanks for reading.


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