Barolo and Barbaresco World Opening

Let’s be honest, as anybody know and say: owning and running fully hands-on a restaurant business, is a tough job.

The time off is extremely limited because most of your clients come to visit your establishment yes for the food but also, and sometimes more importantly, to say hi and socialize…which we consider a blessing: to deserve people getting ready, going out….walk, take a train or spend money in a car to come to us? Are you kidding me? This is beyond flattering, it’s a true emotion touching our hearts every singe day, every single shift.

The hours are crazy, we work on holidays, we can’t even enjoy our limited time off because something always happens when you are not there… Profitability margins are extremely thin (when you’re able to produce some).

Ok…sorry I didn’t mean to vent out any frustration…I love my job and my restaurant, I also love my business partner (and wife) to death and I’d never change all of this for anything else, even if you put more money on the table.

All that considered, when you belong to an industry like ours you also have, first off, a lot of fun and second, you have access to a broad series of events that gravitate around a world (the food and beverage world) that can be defined the BEST network by definition (unless you don’t like to eat and drink which ummmm …fine but…).

We get to know wine makers and go to visit them in their home countries, we get in touch with beer brewers, we get invited to food shows, trade shows, tastings, truffle/champagne/caviar/anything amazing events, pop-ups, we meet the most interesting Chefs, entrepreneurs, artists, journalists, Pulitzer authors, actors, celebrity of all kinds etc… etc…

It’s so exciting and everyday there is something new going on…never a dull moment in the Food & Beverage industry, imagine the New York City’s one.

The last event we attended is the “Barolo and Barbaresco World Opening”…free for trade and media, $125 for regular wine enthusiasts.

It’s a massive event which gathers circa 150 wine makers from Piedmont around a gigantic round concentric table every year, they come to New York to present the vintage they will offer to our market.

Center 415, New York CIty

The event was starting at 11AM, we thought it was slightly (just slightly) too early to start drinking red wine. We showed up around 2PM and we were welcomed by a plethora of people that we know, that know us, that we love, that love us … it was a true blast. Ms. Nuccitelli received so much praise on the CASA SOCIALE cooking show, everybody was telling us how they cannot wait for us to open again…we got so so touched by this avalanche of affection.

And then we started tasting the wine.

Ok, we are talking here about the best of the best of the best of the world. This is the most exquisite exclusive vinification of the Nebbiolo grape variety: BAROLO and BARBARESCO, the King and the Queen of Wines.

Some of the producers we knew directly, some of them were introduced to us on site by our amazing account managers, Martina from Massanois (which is also our best friend), Niccolo’ from Vias, our amazing Salvino (another amazing friend) from Tradizione Imports, Vito from Wine Emporium, they all went out of their way to show us their wines, keep us company and treat us like royals.

We tasted incredible wines we hugged, laughed, talked, learned and came back home happier than ever, and more and more convinced that yes, it’s a tough job, but it’s also the best one.

Thanks for reading.


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